La bionda del Leone
Roarrr Beer 5.3
13° Plato - IBU 35 - 5.3 %vol.

The Original Roarrr Beer.

Low fermentation beer

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6 Bottles 33cl
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6 Bottles 75cl
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Hear the Lion roar. A Czech Pils/ German Style Beer. A straight-forward, but easy to go beer, with a dry and clea flavour. A blow with a paw of selected Malts and precious Hops, between the famous Saaz. Extremely refreshing, with a golden hue and a good carbonation. Enjoy it at any time of the day. A Beer full of determination, perfect with your favourite pizza, any pasta dishes or to be enjoyed in the arena with the most ferocious beasts and the most craziest gladiators.

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