Orgasmatron Beer 5.5
12° Plato - IBU 20 - 5.5% vol

GREMLINS HAVE BEER!                                                                        

The Original Orgasmatron Beer



Top fermentation

20.00 €
6 Bottles 33 cl
45.00 €


A spicy experience in pure Belgian Saison style with the classic spicy flavor made ​​even more sexy and exciting by Pepper and by the Beni highlands Chilli. A thirst-quenching and refreshing Adventure through lysergic unexplored worlds , a pure pleasure kaleidoscope. Let yourself be conquered, sip by sip, slouched on a comfortable waterbed while listening to Rocky , Lemmy , Syd , Jimi or to your favorite Psychedelic Rock groups . Once you've tried her it's almost impossible to turn back . The Season of love is Open and it's time for a Sexon to be opened . Forbidden to conformists , moralists and bigots . Absolutely X-Rated !

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