Beer You Way, Shop Your Way!

The Beer Shop you've always been dreamin' about is born at last!
It's a space entirely dedicated to the never-ending, always fermenting and turmoiling real Beer Loverz. Plenty of craft beers you can move among, various formats and dimensions, from the ever lasting little bottle to the exclusive Magnum. Beers from all over Italy and from abroad where you can find some old beloved friends you thought you had lost and new ones you would have never imagined about.

Even the most demanding Beer Collectors can sink their teeth into marvellous labels, little masterpiece of graphic art (piece of advice: buy two bottles; one for your collection , one for your pleasure).

Take a walk into the BSA Beer Shop and live a new experience each time with always renewed characters and guests from world craft beer. Let yourself be guided by our Team and choose your desired beers. Take them at home and taste them on the sofa, Homer's way; surprise your friends cooling their Barbecue or rock no-matter-who with a gift for a very sparkling toast.
Beer Shopping to the People!